The first consultation lasts about an hour. A detailed case history is taken, covering not only your present problems, but also your wider medical history, present medication, lifestyle, diet and social circumstances.

A blood pressure and other examinations may be carried out if necessary using orthodox medical techniques, such as listening to the lungs and heart.

A treatment plan is then discussed and prescribed as necessary. Each prescription is carefully considered, and tailored to meet your specific needs, combined with diet and lifestyle advice.


The prescription is freshly prepared at consultation and may be a tincture (a blend of herbal extracts in an alcohol/water base) or a tea. Capsules are also sometimes used. For external use, creams, lotions or oils may be prescribed.

If necessary, you may also be referred to your GP if appropriate.


Follow-up consultations last approximately 30 minutes and will be usually required at regular intervals during treatment to check on progress. Adjustments may be made to the prescription during this time to ensure it is at its most effective.


All consultations are strictly confidential.





Initial consultation – £60

Follow up consultations – £40

Tinctures – £8.50 per 100ml

Dried herbs – £8 per 100g

Creams/lotions/balms – £8 per 60g

Capsules – £17 (100 capsules) (approx.)